Organizing Pouches A Packing Craze

Written by guest blogger @mishttheeditor

Holiday weekends elicit feelings of adventure. Despite if most of my new mom adventures has taken place within the walls of my local Target. Where there is travel there is always a packing mama. 

Packing styles have varied through the year but recently the rise of organizing pouches have split packers in two camps.  So I asked myself  what camp am I in? Hmm too pouch not too pouch t'is is the question?

After trying both organizing pouches.  I like the convenience of both pouches and pockets. Our Lila Tote has the perfect amount of pockets for a packing mama. For some pockets are everything. I come to realize I'm not  that girl (side note:I find it harder to find things when I have too many pockets, raise your hand if you agree). It was also rather easy to have things siphoned off into there own respective places. Our Mama Pouch was perfect to hold all my essentials and the Our Diaper Pouch was all but too obvious for the hubby to find what he needed in case of a quick diaper change. 

I've also come to love our pouches. When flying solo and my little guy things are a lot smoother.  Nothing is more brutal than going through a TSA security check and having to empty the content of your diaper bag into bins.  Pouches to the rescue.

In closing we love our organizing pouches and well our love for pockets are much like our love of donuts too many and we start to have problems.

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